March is National Reading Month

Senator Wayne Schmidt

Senator Wayne Schmidt

I look forward to this time each year — not just because spring is around the corner — but because March is National Reading Month.

It brings me great joy during this month to travel throughout the eight counties of the 37th Senate District to visit classrooms and read with schoolchildren. Indeed, witnessing students’ interest and excitement in reading helps renew my own.

While reading is an activity that should be enjoyed year-round, we designate this month as a way to bring attention to the importance of reading and literacy in our lives. Reading opens our minds to imagination, new experiences and different points of view — and it unlocks a world of potential.

Literacy is perhaps the most fundamental skill necessary for a successful future. Students who are not proficient readers by the third grade have significantly diminished opportunities for success when they become adults. It is something that impacts all of us. For Michigan to reach its full potential, residents must first be able to reach their own.

That is why I have consistently worked to improve educational opportunities for Michigan students, from increasing K-12 school funding each year, to supporting early education programs and third grade reading initiatives, to more funding for online learning and at-risk students. I have also been a strong supporter of non-traditional education, including career and technical training programs. Ensuring Michiganders have access to a quality education is critical.

Regardless of a child’s educational and career goals, it is certain that reading is the key to achieving them. Developing an interest and love of reading starts at an early age, and parents, educators, and civic leaders all share in this responsibility.

I encourage you to invest in your children’s futures and read with them, not just during this National Reading Month, but all year long.

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